Among Us Kogama

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Among Us Kogama is a multiplayer game where you will overcome the dangers of the infinite space and fight against other players. To start, just choose an astronaut. After that, you will find yourself inside the vessel with a random role of either a peaceful crew member or a heartless killer. Depending on it, your goal will be either to survive and reveal who the murder is or kill everyone on the ship before they find you out.

You don’t have all the time in world for that. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a timer counting off precious minutes. If you fail to unmask the traitor before it runs out, you’re doomed! The same should be noted by the killer – you have to finish off a maximum number of other players until the end of the match. Just make sure you act carefully because there are eyes everywhere. Even if you don’t see anybody around, you can still get caught on tape by security cameras. Of course, the other players must also be smart enough to check the recordings. But you should avoid any potential risk of blowing your cover. Choose the quietest, farthest-off places to perform your killings.

After each murder, the crew will gather to decide who is guilty. Everyone will speak their opinion trying to accuse the person they think is responsible for this and also divert any suspicions from themselves. This is where the game gets psychological – if you are good at understanding people and seeing into their hidden motifs, you might be able to determine who is lying or trying to look too good purely intuitively. Of course, that’s not enough, you should also be able to put your point through to the rest of the team. And remember that if you’re too pushy, the others might think you’re actually the one behind all the crimes! Be logical and persuasive.

While you are waiting for the next round to start, you can while away some time playing one of the mini-games in the lobby. Demonstrate your agility on a dangerous track, engage in a shootout with huge cubes or complete various tasks. But remember, this is only a warm-up before the beginning of the real action!

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