Among Us Poppy Playtime

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Astronauts from Among Us are no strangers to danger. Every journey on their own spaceship is a game of life and death. They are used to dealing with killers and mortal threats, and every time they have to figure out who the traitor is in their midst. That’s why they’re absolutely not afraid to explore an old toy factory where terrible creatures live. These creatures are evil toys that killed all the employees and captured the plant. Now you have to make your way through its empty halls and production lines in the role of one of the Among Us characters.

Instead of the guy who does the same in the original version, you’ll be playing as a cartoonish astronaut in a spacesuit. But you’ll have the same useful gadget in your hands – Grab Pack. With its help, you’ll be able to open doors and perform plenty of other cunning manipulations. However, you should beware of the real monsters that are waiting for you inside. Once you see a hairy blue creature walking towards you from the dark – get ready to run! Because he isn’t approaching you to play with you. Although it’s a toy factory, everyone here are murderers and you have to be on your guard every minute of the gameplay! Are you ready to begin?

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