FNF Among Us

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FNF Among Us is a mod that introduces another rival to Friday Night Funkin – the notorious Impostor from Among Us. Now you can see what it’s like to battle him not only on the spaceship where he silently kills the astronauts, but also out in the open on stage. There are some amazing tracks and real challenge waiting for you!

He is armed and talented!

If you ever played Among Us, you know who your new opponent is. It’s a beat-like creature dressed in a red spacesuit who is the main antagonist of the famous space detective game. In the mod he hods a microphone in his left hand and a gun in the other hand. And you can be sure that he is going to use it on you and your girlfriend, so you’d better watch out! When he sings, you can see his terrible sharp teeth in the open mouth. If you remember, he is an alien and he is no stranger to having his victims as snacks when he’s done with them using his regular weapons.The action unfolds on the planet Polus – the setting has similar purple rocks and gray buildings that you can see on the map from Among Us with the same name. There are also some other references to the game in this mod that will surely delight the fans!

Beat the Impostor on stage!

Your task in Friday Night Funkin Among Us game is, as usual, to outperform your rival in a music battle. To do that, you have to keep up with the beat of the song playing and press the buttons indicated on the screen as arrows. That will make your character move and sing along with the tune and you’ll be gaining points for every note you hit. Missed notes will diminish your score, respectively. The Impostor will be doing the same. Depending on the level of difficulty you chose, it will be either not very tough to defeat him or highly challenging. You can monitor your own progress and his looking at two bars at the bottom of the screen representing each of the participants.

Just like in the previous versions, the battle will consist of three rounds, each featuring new songs. Keep your ears sharp for any rhythmic alternations because you don’t want to miss too many notes. It’s important to be capable of adjusting to the beat on the go since it might change rather unexpectedly. Your girlfriend will be with you the whole time, sitting on the speaker as usual and cheering for you. And this is so important when you are going up against a dangerous enemy like that! Enjoy the groove and put up a decent show that the viewers will remember for a long time!

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