Among Us For Two

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Welcome to a new installation of famous Among Us! This game allows you to dive deep into the world of space adventures in the company of funny astronauts. The game has something brand new for you – this time, you will have to complete a different task. There is no need to seek for betrayers anymore and stop the sabotage! Instead, in this game, everyone stands for himself/herself and moves to the objective alone. This version of the game is perfect for two players, which is one the regimes available. There is also a survival regime.
In the first mode where you share the game with your buddy, you will prove who is the better warrior and astronaut. The one who manages to beat his rival, wins the game. The survival regime is a bit different. More players take part in this competition – about nine at the same time. The fastest and most skillful astronaut will win the battle. You will find yourself in a huge platform made of gexa-blocks. They are fragile and will break after you touch them slightly. You must stay standing and avoid falling down into the cosmic abyss. The blocks are the only things that save you from death. In order to avoid death, you need to move faster than the blocks ruin and disappear. Jump over the holes and make sure that your speed is always high enough to stay on the ground. The arena of the game is made of a number of layers and you will move down level by level in case you fail to be fast enough. You will fall until you reach the bottom – a black hole. If you reach it, falling through all the platforms, you will die. During the game, you will fall down unavoidably, but there is a necessity to stay on the platforms as long as you can. If you will manage to stay standing longer than your rivals do, then you will finish the game successfully and win this severe battle. Have fun and try to overcome all of your opponents in this thrilling cosmic competition of the bravest astronauts! Have a nice game and good luck to you!

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