Among Us

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Humanity has long been striving to the outer space. Finally, leading scientists and engineers equipped the first-ever mission of colonists who will go to conquer distant planets in a spaceship. They leave Earth full of hope and enthusiasm, because they have such an important task. But during the flight, something goes wrong and the whole enterprise is under threat. All of a sudden, the engines start to fail. Team members have to disrupt their routine and urgently go to the place of breakdown to fix the mechanisms. And when they get back together, they find that one of them is dead. There is no evidence to indicate how or why this could have happened. But since such are repeated over and over, it becomes clear that one of those present on board is simply killing their comrades one by one… But who can it be? This is something you’ll have to figure out with the rest of the players in Among Us!

A match can include 4 to 10 participants. Depending on the number, one or more of them are randomly assigned the role of the killer. The rest are peaceful characters and potential victims, because any of them can die right in the next second. It creates a high degree of suspense, keeping you on edge continuously. The killer’s task is to deal with all the players without giving themselves away. You need to stay in the shadows as long as possible, making sure that suspicions fall on others and pretending to be an innocent sheep. With a certain skill and innate abilities, this is not so difficult, because accusations are brought up in the course of a general discussion and you always have the opportunity to believably justify yourself. Or maybe even shift the focus to someone else! The ability to get out of any situation and secretly guide the course of voting led many killers to victory.

But what if you are a peaceful player? Your task is, firstly, to stay alive, and secondly, to expose the criminal. Here observation and analytical thinking will come in handy, as well as the psychological talent to understand people and see when they lie to you. Keep a close eye on everything that’s going on around, notice small details and try to put pieces of your observations into a more or less complete picture. Don’t be shy to express your thoughts in the vote – perhaps you will save the life of an innocent person! After all, you can become the next victim of the murderer and it’s in your best interest to unmask them as fas as possible!

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