Among Us 2

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Do you believe in aliens? You should because they are already among us! One of the astronauts flying on this spaceship is actually an impostor. This is an extraterrestrial in the human form wishing to destroy the mission and kill every member of the crew. Right now, they pretend to be just a mere person, like you, and don’t give themselves away by the slightest thing. However, if you don’t figure out who it is, everyone on the ship will turn into cold corpses and the aliens will triumph! You can’t let that happen and bring the entire human race in danger. So all the real people aboard must join their efforts and find the green man in a human skin playing Among Us 2!

All participants will start the match in the Cafeteria, one of the 14 locations on the ship. These rooms are connected by a system of hallways that you can freely walk through. There will be a certain number of tasks assigned to the crew members that they have to complete in order to leave the ship safely. Another way to defeat the impostor is to reveal his identity and vote him out – literally, by throwing him into the open space. If none of this works, the killer will win. For this person, the safest way to remain undercover is to pretend being another innocent and scared victim, just like the rest. For instance, they can fake running various activities around the ship and you will be sure they are on your side.

When somebody is murdered, you won’t necessarily find out about that immediately. If the impostor chooses a particularly lucky place and time, the dead body may stay lying there for hours before someone comes across it and reports to the other members of the crew. Then the whole staff should come together and hold a vote to decide who will be executed this time. The vote runs as an open discussion where everyone can express their opinion. It’s important to provide reliable arguments and even proof if you can.

But remember that if you are particularly aggressive towards one of the players, even if that’s justified, the rest may find that suspicious and think that you simply want to make them look guilty. As a result, the majority of the participants may turn against you and it will be you who will start off into nowhere just because you wanted justice! So make sure anything you say is well-grounded and don’t be in a hurry to accuse everyone who catches your eye. Try your hand at this thrilling space investigation and hope that you will win, no matter which role you received!

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