Among Us Online

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If you are tired of most habitual online games and search for something really unique, where the freedom of action and your decisions influence lives of other people, and everything unwraps in the real time, then you are at the right place. We have prepared a really masterful social game Among Us, the story where you are a participant and an author at the same time. The plot and atmosphere of the game heavily depends on you, so every time you start playing Among Us, you literally launch a new game.

The idea of this title is following. There is a cosmic ship that is about to start a flight into the outer space to reach other planets. The team of spacemen on the ship is preparing for a challenging, but exciting mission. They are researchers, investigators, mechanics, engineers, pilots, and more. However, there are also… betrayers. And you have no idea who are they. The only traces they leave are bloody traces on the board of the ship. Also, these guys prefer breaking and ruining the equipment to ruin the mission. They are quiet, almost invisible, and you cannot distinguish them from the rest of the team that easily. But they are always somewhere, breathing down your neck, and seeking for the way to murder you.

Which role will you play in this thrilling drama?

The game prescribes roles to all participants automatically. You cannot choose whether you want to be an impostor or a regular astronaut, but the choice is made at the very beginning. The rest of the team members cannot recognize the impostors, as well. Regarding your role, the tasks will differ. The astronauts can have various professions, all related to the spaceship handling. Their task is to build, create, repair, check, etc. On the contrary, the impostors have another task – the ultimate goal of every impostor is to kill the astronauts when nobody can see them. Also, they have to search for the weak spots in the ship to find the best way to break it fast. Ruination is your way.

The most interesting part: voting for an impostor

The twisting point of the playing process is always an event. This is usually death of an astronaut murdered silently by an impostor. The impostors have knives and try to catch the best moment when they can kill the opponent. For that reason, the astronauts are not recommended to stay alone with one player (especially, the one you don’t trust too much) in an isolated place, like the room or corridor. Chances are, they he has lead you to this place consciously and plans to kill you.
So, when the dead body is found on the ship, all players arrange gathering and vote. They express suggestions about someone from a team being an impostor. Every member can vote against any other member, including himself. If you are an impostor, you can trick the spacemen anyhow you want. The person that gets maximal votes is being thrown out from an illuminator. The impostors and astronauts will react differently on the punishment which will reveal their true nature and show if you and your comrades where right blaming him.

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