Among Us Game Play Online For Free

Wanna try something new for a change? A game that combines the elements of many genres and offers a unique and gripping experience you won’t be able to tear away from? Then you should definitely play Among Us! This is a fascinating story of flying home from a strange planet in the dangerous company of a killer. Several players perform the roles of crew members and one of them is randomly selected to be the murderer. Working together, they need to figure out who it is and make sure this person doesn’t bother them anymore! As you can see, you can enjoy this wonderful game with your friends, but it’s also fun to play with random people. Shall we begin?

Find out the killer!

Your adventure will begin on a spaceship that doesn’t want to take off. Apparently, something is broken and the crew disperses across the vessel to check all the systems. But when they are left alone and there is nobody near, the killer catches one of the members off guards and all their friends find in a short while is their dead body. After an event like that, an urgent council is called where the players discuss what happened. They tell each other what they saw, including the data from security cameras. But since not all of the crew mates have access to them, it’s often impossible to find out whether the person is telling the truth or lying. In fact, it might be the murderer trying to disguise themselves as your watchful comrade! So you shouldn’t really believe anyone except your own observations and intuition in Among Us.

Once the discussion is over and everyone has come up with their own opinion as to who might be the killer, a voting starts. Each player votes for the person they consider most suspicious and the one with the majority of voices is ejected from the ship. Of course, that might well be an innocent cosmonaut, but it will be too late to regret your mistake. You have to keep making decisions and executing those near you or your chances of survival will continue to drop with every corpse! And of course you must keep doing your job and fixing the ship because otherwise it won’t be able to take off and you won’t see your home planet for a long time!

…Or kill everyone instead!

But what if you were dealt the role of the killer? The gameplay changes drastically for you. Your main task is to do away with all the crew members and stay unrevealed as long as possible. That means you must be very careful in what you do and say because somebody may catch you red-handed or see you doing something that doesn’t look good. For instance, breaking the engine which is yet another of your tasks. After all, the longer the team stays busy trying to figuring out what is wrong with the vessel, the more chances you have to complete your gruesome mission.

You have to be particularly persuasive at the voting. Try to deflect accusations and suspicions shifting them to other people and providing solid arguments against them. If you pass for a peaceful crew member successfully, you can outlive most of your opponents. Enjoy the thrilling gameplay and master the subtle art of psychological manipulations playing Among Us online!

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