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Wanna have an upper hand in the adrenaline-packed survival quest? Take advantage of our great Among Us cheats! They will allow you to play and enjoy the process from a totally new side giving you unlimited access to any features and content – unlike most other players that do it by the rules! But first let’s make a short overview of the game itself.

What is the worst place where you can face a serial killer? In the city streets? Inside a dark house? At an abandoned factory? At least, in all of these areas there may be some people nearby who will hear your screams and come to the rescue. But things get totally different when you are locked together with the maniac on a spaceship! Just imagine, you’re far away from home, you’re not even on Earth! The planet you were born and grew up on was left far behind. Now you are surrounded by sheer blackness and nobody will help and save you except people aboard. And, as you already know, one of them has blood on their hands. When you all gather in the hall to discuss these murky events, everyone looks quite normal and there is no way to immediately point out the murderer. Yet he is still there, this is one of the guys you’re looking at! What are you about to do? Pull yourself together, bring out all of your logic and ingenuity and reveal the maniac before he kills all of you!

This is a gripping action game where every player has to run their own investigation suspecting and checking up on everyone. You can’t trust even those who seem to be completely innocent. Remember that the killer wants the crew members to turn against each other, so they will pretend and lie. As the game progresses, you have to discuss your suspicions with other participants and vote to throw one of you out. Maybe that will be the killer and then everyone can sign with relief. But most likely you’ll execute another innocent astronaut and the nightmare will continue.

And that’s not all you need to take care of! The ship is broken, it needs to be fixed urgently or everyone will die the same. That requires the crew members to diligently accomplish a series of tasks. The job of the killer is to keep sabotaging the work of various mechanisms so that everyone stays occupied and has no time to search for them. But you can still notice something while walking around the ship. Some of the crew members also have access to security cameras and admin maps and can alarm the others if they see anything disturbing. Work as a team and find out the truth!

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