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This spaceship is a maze of cabins, rooms and hallways. It’s easy to get lost here and if something happens to one of the crew members, it might be a very long time before he is found and helped… There is something scary in these insipid metal walls surrounding your only living space for the nearest few years or maybe decades. Or maybe days because someone is killing people flying with you! Dead bodies are discovered all over the place and so far it remains unclear who is behind this. But you need to figure that out and fast! There are not so many participants and every day someone is found breathless. If you just keep sitting around and doing nothing, very soon nobody will be left… Take on the role of a shrewd detective and reveal all aspects of these crimes!

The players participating in the game can interact while accomplishing their daily tasks and talking to each other. After all, the ship must keep flying and to provide that, every member of the crew must thoroughly attend to their responsibilities. There will be a list of tasks you have to handle and if you manage to do that before the killer does their bloody business, the entire crew will be able to fly back to Earth and stay alive. But you’d better not count on it alone and keep watching every person by your side very closely in the process…

So how can you know a real murderer when you see them? First of all, while walking around the ship and coping with your job, you’ll notice various things about your comrades. Maybe someone was late for the general meeting. Or was just hanging around doing nothing while the rest was busy. That’s the thing you need to look out for especially vigilantly because, unlike the astronauts, the killer doesn’t have any tasks to perform. Another thing that might give them away is the behavior at the discussions. If the crew decided to execute an innocent person, you need to think back to the vote and remember who was rooting against that man most of all. Maybe that was the killer trying to pass for one of you! Stay alert, enjoy Among Us unblocked on your PC or mobile device and do everything you can to save your life – and the lives of the others!

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