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This story started during the most unusual of journeys – a space crusade in search of a new planet to live on. The flight was running smoothly, but there was something the cosmonauts couldn’t foresee – the spread of an unknown decease. It came from nowhere and began with one single person. This unfortunate guy has gone mad and started killing the other crew members under the influence of heightened aggression and psychological transformations. However, when surrounded by people, he behaves as a normal person and nobody knows what to think and who to suspect anymore. One thing is clear – if that continues, there won’t be anyone to find out the truth because everyone will be simply dead. Time is running out, and you need to hurry up with the verdict!

Among Us runs in several rounds. Each of them ends with a vote where the crew decides who should be executed as a potential murderer. With every dead body found on the ship, the total number of participants diminishes and that means the astronauts have less and less chances to win while the odds of the killer are growing. There are two strategies the crew can follow: they can either complete all the missions and then they will be able to leave the vessel unharmed or they can try and reveal the murderer by combining their observations and suspicions. It’s up to you to decide which way to go, but purely mathematically it’s more reasonable to vote because then you can guess the killer even simply accidentally.

After the vote, the person with the highest number of voices against them will be executed. If that was the killer, the game will end successfully in favor of the astronauts. But if not, that will mean your logic wasn’t perfect and you need to reconsider your whole chain of implications. Among Us is a highly exciting and suspenseful game that will keep you glued to your PC or smartphone screen for hours! See if you can find out the killer and pray that you survive!

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