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Some people are inborn liars and artists. They can convince anyone of anything and go unpunished, even if all the evidence points to them. If that’s you, your ideal role in Among Us mobile is the killer. There are also people who are good psychologists and see through their interlocutors. They intuitively understand when a person is pretending, and can warn others about it. If you have this ability, the role of a peaceful character will suit you. What are we talking about? In this game, you will either investigate mysterious murders in a spaceship – or kill unsuspecting astronauts!

This ship is preparing to leave, but there is a traitor on it. He broke the main engine and now the team members are stuck on an alien planet. To get home, they must fix the ship, and at the same time find the killer. Then they will be able to leave him to die in a distant world, from where he can no longer go anywhere, and head back to the hospitable shores of Earth. But this happy moment is still far away, the game is just beginning. And it’s not a fact that it will end the way you would like it to be… Perhaps in a few minutes your corpse will already be found in one of the compartments and an emergency meeting will be called to execute another innocent under the skillful manipulations of a real criminal…

Yes, to win this game as the killer, you need to be able to change masks. If you can persuade your associates that you are one of them, and that guy over there is actually acting suspiciously, you can live a few more rounds. But be careful – choose places that are not monitored by surveillance cameras, and don’t make any unnecessary actions that can alert the rest. The best way to pretend being a peaceful astronaut is to feign boisterous activity, as each of your crew mates has a list of tasks to complete in order to start the engine.

The most difficult thing is to behave correctly during the voting. If an accusation is brought against you, you must skillfully justify yourself. Or move everyone’s attention to another person. And it is better not to sit passively, but to express suspicions yourself, forcing the players to consider other candidates. Of course, here you need to proceed without overdoing it, otherwise you may still be suspected. In addition to kills, you must also delay the departure as much as possible, making minor and major breakdowns in various ship mechanisms. And it’s highly important not to get caught in the act! Play Among Me on mobile and have fun!

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