Among Us Android

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Running your own investigation is always a very thrilling experience. It’s so fascinating to analyze the circumstances of the case, collect evidence and tie the loose ends! And of course nothing can compare to the triumph of finding out who the culprit is. But would you be so intrigued and excited or maybe scared and panicky if your own life was at stake? In Among Us, your detective skills directly affect your chances to survive! Because you are locked on a spaceship together with the killer who pretends to be just another one of the crew members! Will you be able to reveal his true identity and convince the others to take measures? That’s what we’re about to find out in Among Us for Android!

The roles aren’t chosen by the players, they are selected at random. That means you won’t be able to decide who you will be in another match. But that only makes the game more exciting! You have the opportunity to try different identities and strategies of behavior and thus open up various sides of your personality. At first sight, it seems to be a logical game – you follow the trail of hints and evidence, analyze the situation and build your case. But in reality there is a strong psychological aspect here. It’s not only about figuring people out, but also deceiving them. If you are the killer, one of your tasks is to make sure nobody suspects you. You have to look as harmless as you can. Not everyone can cope with such a spectacle and if you don’t have enough experience, you might easily give yourself away. Try to memorize your mistakes and don’t repeat them next time!

For a peaceful astronaut, the whole thing is much more pressing because you never know when you are going to die in this game. Among Us really keeps your nerves strung up all the time. You start suspecting everyone – the person next to you, the one you thought was surely innocent, the one that convicted everybody to execute yet another crew member at the last vote… The atmosphere of paranoia gets more and more intense as there are less and less victims left aboard. Do you have the right combination of logic and intuition to find out who is the enemy? Are you cunning enough to fool the rest of the players? Play Among Us on Android and enjoy the thrill!

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