Among Us 3

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Have you ever played a game called Mafia? A bunch of people gather at the table and are randomly dealt cards with the roles of either peaceful citizens or mafia members. Nobody knows who is who. When the night falls, the mafia kills one of the citizens. And when the city wakes up, they discuss what happened and try to figure out who of them belong to the criminals. Then there is a vote and one of the players who is most suspicious is executed. If the citizens guessed correctly, they are lucky and there is one less gangster to uncover. But if not and they killed one of their own, the mafia rubs their hands because with each unsuccessful voting they have less and less citizens to kill. The game ends when either all of the citizens or all of the criminals are dead. Among Us 3 is an online analogue of this game, but way more fascinating and realistic because the action unfolds on a spaceship!

The short intro video tells you that there is a traitor onboard and they are killing other members of the crew trying to undermine the flight. Right now, you don’t have any suspicions – you see your comrades for the first time and have no idea who might be the murderer. But in the process of the game, you’ll start learning them a little better and analyzing the events to come up with your own versions. The rules are completely identical to Mafia: the astronauts need to find out who is behind the killings and cast them into space. Otherwise they will end up dead and the mankind will never reach distant planets. The goal of the killer, on the other hand, is to finish off the entire crew without being found out. Of course, that’s hard to do when you’re alone, so for matches that include 7 and more players, there can be up to 3 killers on one ship. They can act either on their own or as a team, but the end purpose remains the same.

The difference from Mafia is that aside from mere observation and speculation there is also a certain amount of action happening aboard. The killers will be luring other members of the crew out into dark and rarely visited areas to murder them quietly. They will be leaving traces and you can build a logical chain of events and consequences that will help you come up with a precious insight. But that’s not enough, you also have to persuade other players that you’re right during the vote! And there is no guarantee that they won’t think you’re the killer… Enjoy the thrilling atmosphere and intense gameplay of Among Us 3 online!

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