Among Us 2020

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Imagine a bunch of people overcome with non-stopping paranoia. Here comes your best friend, but after saying hello and smiling to him, you secretly follow him with your eyes to see where he is heading. This is the guy you’re sharing a cabin with, but you sleep with your eyes half-open because you can’t relax in his presence. And you are thankful that there are security cameras on this ship allowing you to keep track of what your crew mates are doing, at least partially. What’s going on and how did you end up like that? It’s easy to lose your mind when there is a killer in your midst! You don’t know who it is yet, but you already have a few clues and guesses. The only thing that remains is to put all this together. And persuade the rest of the crew!

Among Us 2020 is a high-tension detective game where you play as one of the astronauts on a spaceship ready to take off. However, there is a serious fault in the engine and it’s going to take some time before you can fly out of the strange planet and head back home. At first, the crew thinks it was just a coincidence and everyone works hard to fix the engine. But breakages follow one after one and you realize it’s a sabotage. Moreover, some people have been found dead and there is no evidence that can point to the reason of their demise. Most likely, they were killed! So your task, just like the rest of the peaceful players, is to join your efforts and find out who it is. The goal of the killer, respectively, is to deal with all of you before they are revealed and punished.

The game combines elements of action, investigation and communication. As the killings continue, you must still do your daily responsibilities and repair the ship. Until this is done, nobody will be able to leave the planet. But you can’t leave the murders unattended either. So while you move across the vessel, you should watch everything that’s going on around you very sharply. In the best possible scenario, you will see the killer at work, murdering his next victim. But if you’re not so lucky, you’ll have to do with only your suspicions and implications. Discuss them with the crew and persuade them that you’re right. The correct guess will rid you of danger once and for all!

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